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Dr. Deepak A.
M.D.(Med), D.M.(Neuro)

Dr. Deepak is the D.M. in Neurology with M.D. in Medicine.

Dr. Deepak has worked on mainly critical care and general medicine, stroke unit, neurotrauma, neurological emergencies, movement disorders, autoimmune disorders, stroke, epilepsy & electrophysiology (NCS,EMG,EEG,SSEP,PSG,RNS Single-fibre EMG)

While working in close association with one of the best faculty of neurology in India,likes of, Padmshree. Dr.Ashok Panagariya, Dr.C.M.Sharma, Dr.A.K.Sharma & "Rajasthan Gaurav" Awardee Dr.Bhawana Sharma ,polished skills of making prompt evidenced–based diagnostic & therapeutics strategies for various neurological disorders, providing patient care with compassion and building relationships with patient and patient care-givers for further follow-up.


  • Indo –Euro Park Summit 2015: Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders, March 2015 :Latest in Science: Platform presentation “Higher Level Gait Disorders in Dementia: A Clinical Study”.

  • IAN Clinical Neurophysiology Subsection Workshop on EMG & Autonomic Disorders, August 2014: 2nd prize for Platform paper presentation for “Neuromyotonia in a case of Morphea with Thymoma: A Rare Occurrence”.

  • 9th Delhi Course on Neurointervention, March 2014: Best Poster Presentation Award for paper “Anomalous occipital artery in a patient with Anterior cranial fossa DAVF:A Rare Phenomenon”.

  • CME & Workshop on Movement disorders: Movement Disorder Society,November2012.

  • 8 publications in Various National & International journals.

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